As one would imagine by the name of the church, energetic praise and heartfelt worship fill Praise Center Church each week. The purpose of the worship ministry is to lead people in giving praise to God in all circumstances and to encourage the continual living of a life of worship. From the vibrant choir to the dynamic band, members of the worship team use their gifts to glorify God and inspire devotion to Him.

The worship ministry also serves as a covering for many other media related ministry departments such as sound reinforcement, videography, audio/video replication, PowerPoint and Media Shout presentations, lighting, and much more.

The worship ministry leadership team includes Pastor George and Vikky Escobedo and Max Lupercio.

En Español

Choir and Instrumentalists
Under the direction of Max Lupercio
Meet for a combined 4-hour monthly rehearsal on a Saturday; instrumentalists arrive every Sunday morning at 7:30 am; vocalists arrive every Sunday morning at 8:00 am.  Weekly choir rehearsal is Sunday at 11:30 am.

Requirements: Church member and audition process

Multimedia (Media Shout)
Under the direction of Vikky Escobedo
Arrival 30 minutes prior to scheduled service.

Requirements: Church member and computer skill sufficient to operate MediaShout program

Sound and Lighting
Under the direction of Aaron Garcia
Meets for all rehearsals; arrival every Sunday morning at 7:30 am and 45 minutes prior to all other services.

Requirements: Church member

Linguistics (Interpreter)
Under the direction of Pastor George Escobedo
Available on a rotating basis as needed for either spoken interpretation or written translation.  A good knowledge of the Scripture in Spanish is a must.

Requirements: Church member